This page/blog has been setup to share my interest in cars and exchange some parts among car enthusiasts.
*** Who browsing web these days anyway? Mainly I use this site to host pics of my blog and for sale stuff.
The page suppose to be just for fun so don’t take it seriously.

I’m based in Houston TX.

Couple things / FAQ

#1 “Jdmwhat” is just the name. I came up with this name after my co-worker was making fun of me and asked me when he heard “JDM” …..”JDM what???”

#2 JDM = Japanese Domestic Market

#3 This site is consider a personal blog and is not online store. I do not run this site with business mindset.

#4 How do I price the part? Ans: Market price and the key factor is my cost to get these parts shipped to USA

#5 Payment will be handle by Paypal (Confirmed Paypal Address only at this time)

#6 Shipping available via USPS,UPS,FEDEX and Greyhound

#7 All items here are in Houston TX

#8 I’m just like you. I have full time job and this is my hobby. We love cars.

#9 If the title say ForSale it’s really for sale with price listed. In the reality everything here is ForSale (At what price). Please don’t ask me how much do I want for stuff with no price. If you like them I probably like them too :) You can send me offer but I’ll decline if it less than its “cost”

Welcome and thanks for checking this out. ^_^

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My personal cars
AE86 AE86 AE86 AE86
S30Z S31Z
Montero [aka Pajero Shogun]

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